Aeromotive X1 Series EFI Standard Bypass Regulator

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EFI Standard Bypass Regulator


EFI Bypass Regulator for return style systems. From carbureted to EFI pressures, naturally aspirated or forced induction, the X1 Bypass Regulator is designed to span the entire range of low and high pressure applications providing the dependable fuel flow and pressure control you’ve come to expect from Aeromotive.

  • Base fuel pressure adjustable from 35-75 PSI
  • Vacuum/Boost reference capability
  • 1:1 rising rate for forced induction engines
  • 2 – ORB -08 inlet/outlet ports on the sides
  • 1 – ORB-08 return port on the bottom port
  • 1 – 1/8″ NPT Gauge Port with plug
  • 1/16″ NPT Boost Port with 5/32″ hose barb
  • Compatible with X1 High Flow EFI Conversion kit
  • Compatible with X1 Carb Conversion kit
  • 0.188″ bypass with matching spring and poppet
  • Handles up to 150 GPH with AN-08 return line
  • Suitable for any Aeromotive Pump up to A1000
  • Mounting bracket included (not shown)


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