Dyno Tuning

Hyperaktive is proud to have a Mainline 5000HP capable hub dyno on site.

ProHub Chassis Dynamometers are the ultimate “in chassis” tuning solution for ultra-performance street and competition vehicle applications. Designed for extreme street cars, drag cars, road race, circle track, pulling, mud/sand racing, and MANY more. The new ProHub Chassis Dynamometers bridge the gap between an engine dyno and a roller based chassis dynamometer. Tuning and testing of such extreme powered vehicles has been normally conducted by removing the engine from the vehicle and having it tuned on an engine dynamometer (in an artificial environment) or by conducting several runs down a drag strip without constant load or consistent track and weather conditions, increasing chances for vehicle or powertrain damage.

The ProHub chassis dyno systems provide an effective “in chassis” tuning solution, without the need to remove the engine, or to hire a drag strip facility. Both of these tuning options require a significant amount of time, money, and effort to be able to achieve practical results. In some cases, even an engine dyno cannot cope with the power and torque performance levels produced by such engines, and a traditional roller based chassis dyno, which relies on the tire to roller interface (traction), is simply out of the question.

Applications for these new model dynamometers include:

  • Drivability tuning
  • Pre-race testing
  • Driveline testing
  • Clutch evaluation
  • Durability testing
  • Torque convertor mapping
  • Multiple stage nitrous injection testing
  • Performance product research and development

Give us a call today for more information, or to Schedule a Dyno Appointment at (224)908-3937.

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