Turbosmart Pro Port Blow-Off Valve

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ProPort by Turbosmart is an all new 54mm (2.13in) blow off valve with a tiny footprint and massive flow.  The ProPort flows 420 cfm which is enough for 3500 hp and is in a league of its own standing 30mm (1.2in) lower than PowerPort while flowing over 25% more than the market leading 50mm Raceport.

Features include:

  • Turbosmart’s unique locking collar design
  • New unique vent profile
  • Sensor cap option
  • Spring options for all turbocharged and supercharged applications
  • 2 x 1/8′′ NPT Reference Ports
  • Mil SPec Proprietary Diaphragm
  • Anodised 6000 series billet Aluminium Body & Valve
  • Quick Change V-Band Fitment
  • Optional Valve Position Sensor


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Color Option

Purple, Red, Blue, All Black (Sleeper), Black/Silver


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