StraightGate 50 Pneumatic Wastegate

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The StraightGate50 from Turbosmart is the world’s highest-flowing external wastegate!

The StraightGate50 is a zero-offset butterfly-style wastegate that allows enormous flow and almost linear control, and unparalleled boost control throughout the entire operating range.

The boost-based pneumatic StraightGate50 takes the award winning electronic SG50 and simplifies control via a traditional boost-based actuator.  The self-balancing nature of the StraightGate50 means a huge tuning window of over 5 times base spring pressure can be obtained.  Pre-fitted with 6 psi springs to the GenV actuator featuring both single & twin port control, the StraightGate50 is simple to use, and packed with performance, flow and features!

The Turbosmart StraightGate50 has been designed from the ground up & validated in-house to create a new level of control and flow, never seen in a wastegate before.  The zero-offset butterfly valve is subjected to exhaust drive pressure equally on both halves of the valve, which pivots centrally, resulting in a self-balanced valve against any drive pressure.  This self-balancing means less work is required to act against even the highest drive pressures, and a wider tuning window is possible, no matter how the valve is actuated.  The increased flow is achieved through the efficiency of a straight-through valve versus a poppet-style valve where the exhaust gas must be turned 90 degrees by the valve.

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