Haltech Nexus R5 VCU

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The Nexus R5 is the new Haltech flagship VCU combining the functionality of a power distribution module, a data logger, a dual channel wideband controller and a state-of-the art engine management system in one powerful device we call a VCU (Vehicle Control Unit).  VCU is available as a controller only, controller with connector and terminal kits, or as a controller with flying lead harness kit.
Device specs:
  • 4  25A (continuous) push-pull PWM capable (5 kHz) outputs (for power to injectors / coils, transbrake, thermofan, fuel pump)
  • 12  8A (continuous) high side outputs (low speed PWM, 200 Hz) outputs (power to sensors, NOS solenoids, etc)
  • 18  peak/hold injector drivers (can be used as low side drive outputs)
  • 12  low current ignition outputs (can be used as low side drive outputs)
  • 8  low side drive outputs, PWM capable (DPOs)
  • 4  push-pull / h-bridge outputs (8A, PWM capable), eg for electronic throttle
  • 23  0-5V analog inputs with redunancy for electronic throttle and switchable 5V pullup
  • Trigger and home inputs with differential inputs, adjustable thresholds and glitch filters
  • 10  synchronous pulsed inputs, zero crossing or adjustable thresholds – cam sensor inputs, frequency inputs or 0-5V analog inputs
  • 2  onboard wideband controllers, supporting NTK and LSU4.9
  • 3  CAN ports with switchable termination


VCU Features:
  • Long Term Learning
  • Stepper Motor Control
  • 4D Closed Loop Boost Control
  • Closed Loop CO2 Control
  • Rotational Idle
  • Launch Control
  • Traction Control
  • Anti-Lag
  • Dual Knock Control
  • Trans Brake Control
  • Race Timer
  • Multi Stage Fuel Injection
  • Multi-level Engine Protection
  • 6 Stage Nitrous Control
  • 4-sensor variable cam control
  • Intake Air Bleed Control
  • Flat Shift Control
  • Shock Travel & Ride Height Control
  • Advanced Torque Management

Transmission Controls:

  • Ford AODE/4R70W
  • GM 4L60E
  • GM 4L80E
  • Toyota A340E
  • Lenco
  • Liberty
LENGTH: 5m (16′)
SUITS: Racing application where advanced race features, data logging and power management control is required.
INCLUDES: NEXUS R5 VCU, SurLok connectors (Red and Black), Wi-Fi antenna, mounting bolts, USB-C Cable, USB-C dust cap, USB drive with NSP Software. Plug and pin set: AMP 26 pin key 1 and 3, 34 pin key 1 and 2, DTP-4. NEXUS R5 universal engine wiring harness 5M /16′ with fire wall grommet 2.5in (63.5mm

Additional information

VCU Option

VCU Only, VCU with Plug and Pins Kit, VCU with 8' Flying Lead Harness, VCU with 16' Flying Lead Harness


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