Racepak G2X Pro Data Logger

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G2X Pro Data Logger


The G2X-Pro monitors up to 71 channels, while providing lap and segment timing along with speed and track mapping functions via GPS. Packages are also available to monitor steering position, throttle position, and brake pressure. Suspension and ride height data may also be obtained by purchasing the appropriate shock and ride height sensor package. In addition, any Racepak sensor may be used with the G2X-Pro. The optional G2X-Pro dash display shows lap times, lap number, per lap gain/loss, gear indicator, progressive shift light, battery voltage, G-forces and RPM.


  • 71 total channels / 59 V-Net channels
  • Digital sample rate: up to 100 per second
  • Analog sample rate: up to 1000 per second
  • Digital timing rates within 1/1000 of a second
  • Data stored on SD memory card
  • Internal Sensors:
    • Battery Voltage
    • Longitudinal g-meter
    • Lateral g-meter
    • GPS


  • G2X-Pro Data Logger
  • GPS Antenna
  • Up to 16GB SD Memory Card
  • Datalink II Software Communication Cable
  • Power/Ground/Engine RPM Harness


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