Racepak IQ3D Drag Racing Logger Dash

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Racepak IQ3 Drag Logger Dash


The IQ3D is designed for the sportsman drag racer looking for a compact, all-in-one solution. It combines the look and feel of our popular IQ3 dash with a robust, built-in data logger. Information is displayed on four user-definable pages and recorded data is stored on a MicroSD memory card located on the face of the dash for easy access. The IQ3D has built-in support for over 20 of the most popular EFI systems.


  • Records engine and driveshaft RPM, oil PSI, water temperature, battery voltage and 12v event
  • Displays up to 28 inputs via 4 pages
  • Blue dimmable backlight
  • Four user defined alarms
  • User defined 5 character sensor input names
  • Programmable shift light output for up to six shift points
  • Shielded, low luster display for sunlight viewing
  • Six additional V-Net channels available (2 and 4 channel upgrades available, up to 18 channels)
  • Connects to over 20 aftermarket EFI products including Holley, FAST, Big Stuff 3 and more


  • Wiring harness (includes 2 programming buttons)
  • Driveshaft sensor (collar sold separately)
  • Oil pressure sensor
  • Water temperature sensor
  • USB programming cable
  • Racepak Datalink II software
  • MicroSD card & reader


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