Voltphreaks 16V Battery Charger – 30 Amp

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Charger for Voltphreaks 16V Batteries

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This charger is used to charge a Voltphreaks 16V battery. Other chargers that are designed to charge lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) 16 volt batteries can also be used to charge Voltphreaks 16 volt batteries, but we recommend this charger because we know it is compatible!

This charger can be used to charge other 16 volt lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry batteries also. We recommend only using (not just charging) batteries that have a battery management system (BMS), which all Voltphreaks batteries have.

If using this charger on a battery without a BMS, you must monitor the battery (be nearby) while charging, as if the battery fails, there will be nothing to prevent the battery from venting, etc.

  • Charging times depend on many factors. Avoid running any accessory loads while charging the battery, as this will prevent the battery from getting fully charged. It is best to unhook battery from circuit when charging, as voltages above 18V can be encountered which may damage electronics on the car.
  • If using an alternator instead to maintain the battery during use, we recommend adjusting alternator voltage to 16.5 to 18 volts
  • Fuse in front uses a F25A250V (fast blow, 25 amps, 250 volts)
  • Fuse in rear next to power uses a F8L250V (fast blow, 8 amps, 250 volts)
  • Do not use with 12V batteries! 


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