Voltphreaks 12V Lightweight Battery

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Voltphreaks racing batteries are lightweight 12v batteries for sports cars, street cars, track cars, or race cars. They can be used anytime you desire to save weight with a lighter battery. The VPR-P6 is designed for users that want the best capacity/power versus weight combination. When you need the absolute smallest/lightest battery with a great performance/weight ratio, this is it.

1. Weight, much lighter than a comparable lead-acid battery.
2. Mountable in any orientation.
3. Can be “deep cycled”, meaning fully discharged, while protected from damage by the LVC.
4. Has an LVC (Low Voltage Cutoff) to prevent overdischarge. This turns off the battery before it is over-discharged to prevent damage to the battery. It may also allow you to still start your car if it’s parked long time (ex: 3 week vacation, etc).
5. Has fault protection circuitry to protect your battery, preventing damage from overcharge, etc.
6. Maintains higher voltage and charges more efficiently (can result in better MPG).
7. Circuitry allows charging/discharging at high rates, compatible with car alternators.
8. True physical disconnect of battery via an internal bi-stable hd relay. This allows battery to be used with cars that have sensitive electronics that require a direct battery connection.
9. Optional remote pushbutton can be used when battery is not accessible without electric power.
10. Designed and made in the USA. Tested, proven, and continuously improved for over 10 years.

Battery Specifications: VPR-P6

  • Nominal Voltage–12 volts
  • Cranking Amps (CA) –900 amps
  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) –500 amps
  • Capacity –31 Ah
  • Reserve Capacity (RC) –38 minutes
  • Dimensions –7.3″ x 3.1″ x 6.7″
  • Weight–6.25 pounds

Standard disclaimer: Similar to many aftermarket racing product disclaimers, batteries are rated for track use only. Batteries have a 2 year full warranty and a 45 day return policy with a 5% restocking fee.


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