Sniper EFI HyperSpark CDI Ignition

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Do you need to upgrade your ignition system due to a recent Sniper EFI installation, but have no idea which option is best? Introducing HyperSpark Ignition, from Sniper EFI. The complete system consists of a CD Ignition Box, Billet distributor with Hall effect crank signal sensor, an ignition coil, and complete wiring harness ready to plug and play with your Sniper EFI System

-Designed to work with Sniper EFI – Minimal wiring required.
-135mJ of spark energy when used with the HyperSpark Ignition coil, ensures complete -combustion
-HyperSpark CD Ignition box is seal and powder coated to be installed in the harshest of locations.
-External LED on Hyperspark CD Ignition box helps verify 12v, cranking RPM, and low battery voltage.
-Very low key off current (<150uA), so you can rest easy that your battery won’t drain during storage periods.


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