Rife Air Temperature Sensors

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Rife air temperature sensors feature ultra-fast response thermistors and hard-anodized aluminum housings with a variety of connection options.  Rife air temperature sensors are available in 2 temperature ranges: low temperature (-30* to 335*), or high temperature (40* to 485*)

The Lo-AT (-30* to 335*) sensor is typically used for naturally aspirated and well-intercooled turbo or blower cars as an IAT sensor, but are acceptable for other application around the vehicle.  The Lo-AT sensor is optimized for accuracy and resolution in the 0°-210°F temperature range

The Hi-AT (40* to 485*) sensor is typically used for turbo and blower cars as an IAT sensor and for compressor outlet temperature measurement.  They are also acceptable for other applications around the vehicle that require an extended temperature range.  The Hi-AT sensor is optimized for accuracy and resolution in the 40°-485°F temperature range.

Mating connectors not included with sensors.

Additional information

Connection Type

Direct Wire, GM Connector, M5 Connector


1/8 NPT, 1/4 NPT, 1/4 28 O-Ring Seal, 3/8 NPT

Air Temperature Sensor Type

Hi – AT Sensors ( -10 to 485F ), Lo – AT Sensors ( -30 to 335F )


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