Racepak V-Net Custom Pressure Sensor

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Generic Pressure Module with Sensor


Racepak’s Vehicle Network (V-Net) is a “smart data” transfer network able to transmit multiple signals from sensors over a single cable. The V-Net system uses modular connectors that attach each of the devices to the main cable. For a function or component to be monitored on the V-Net, the signal from that device must pass through a sensor and its module (essentially a miniature computer) that identifies and retrieves the proper incoming signal and allows other signals to pass through.

The sensor measures the input from the function or device (i.e. rpm, pressure, temperature, etc.), while the module converts the signal so it can be transmitted over the V-Net. These pressure or temperature module/sensor combinations are the same as Racepak analog pre-programmed V-Net modules with sensors except that they have NOT been pre-programmed. Racepak analog programmable V-Net modules with sensors must be programmed using the Configuration File in Datalink software (not included).

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PSI Range

30 PSI -30" Hg, 0-15 PSI, 0-75 PSI, 0-150 PSI, 0-300 PSI, 0-500 PSI, 0-1500 PSI, 0-3000 PSI, 0-5000 PSI


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