Racepak Track Day/Autocross Kit – Vantage CL1


Vantage CL1 Track Day & Autocross Kit


The Vantage CL1 data kit merges the power of Racepak’s exclusive D3 App mobile technology with a vehicle mounted CL1 data box for the most advanced, yet intuitive track day data system available. Sensor data is transmitted via Bluetooth from the CL1 data box to a vehicle mounted, D3 app-equipped mobile device, displaying sensor and lap timing data to the driver, while automatically uploading all data to Racepak’s secure cloud service via the phone’s cellular connection. Data is stored locally on the mobile device for immediate analysis upon return to the pit area.

In addition, the use of mobile technology also provides the exclusive ability to remotely view live on-track and recorded data from any worldwide location through the use of Racepak’s D3 app installed from the internet-connected Android or iOS device, utilizing Racepak’s subscription based cloud service.


  • Racepak CL1 Data Box
  • M8 sensor cable – engine RPM
  • USB charging cable
  • USB charging cable adapter
  • M8 OBDII cable
  • Rechargeable AA Battery – 4 pk
  • M6 rubber mount feet
  • GPS antenna


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