MSD 4-Channel Relay Module

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MSD’s relay modules are designed to be easily installed in most automotive electrical systems where a high amperage relay is needed.  These relay modules are perfect use with high amperage electric fuel pumps and high CFM electric cooling fans. Each relay module comes equipped with a 40amp fuse, however lower amp fuses can be installed if required. The relay housing comes with a labeled lid that snaps into place providing a clean installation, and protecting the main power stud and triggers from contamination or accidental contact.


  • 7V to 20V supply to fit a wide variety of applications
  • Independent 40A outputs, to supply power to most aftermarket fuel pumps and electric fans
  • Configurable single-wire activation with Ground (-) input or 12V (+) input, with removal of the Tie-Bar
  • Removable cover for easy accessibility
  • Low profile JCASE fuses provide ample protection in case of a short
  • LED status indicators, show you which channel is triggered at a glance


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