Loop Research LT-210 Ride Height and Track Temperature Sensor

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The LT210 is a combination time of flight distance measurement sensor and track temperature sensor. It is ideally suited for ride height measurement applications where getting the most data is paramount. Available distance measurement range of 0-40” means that even large wheel stands, or jumps can be accurately measured. High ambient light immunity means that even measuring in direct sunlight is not an issue. Track temperatures of 32-212ºF (0-100ºC) are measured with a separate sensor mounted on the bottom of the LT210 enclosure. Using the same M12 connector as the LT110, the LT210 can be powered with 5-36V and provides a 0-5V outputs to interface with the vehicle ECU or data logger. Standard distance output range is  0-40”, with 0-80” available on request.



  • Distance output is linear 0-5V to 0-39.4inches (0-100cm). At 4.8V (37.8inches) unit will clip output.
  • Temperature output is linear 0-5V to 32-212F (0-100C)
  • If unit is unable to detect a signal from out of range, or unable to detect surface, output will go to 5V.
  • If unit is unable to detect a highly reflective surface, it may be beneficial to angle the unit slightly relative to the surface, rather than perpendicular.
  • Infrared temperature sensor has a field of view of approximately 10deg.
  • Lens material is acrylic. Do not use acetone, brake cleaner, etc. to clean as this will damage the lens and affect sensor performance. Clean sensor lens with microfiber or other soft cloth to keep dirt and debris from affecting performance.
  • It is recommended to mount sensor with logo on the sensor mounted fore-aft. i.e. Logo on sensor body pointed forward or backward on the car.
  • Sensor has blind zone of approximately 4”. This means that objects closer than this cannot be measured accurately.
  • Laser time of flight ride height sensor for motorsports applications. Choose measurement range, cable, and mounting brackets options
  • Connector pinout as viewed from top of sensor shown in images above.


Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 1.6 × 1.6 × 1.3 in
Measurement Range 0-40 inches, 0-80 inches
Cable / Connector 15ft Cable, with a 90* connector, or connector kit only available
Bracket 3 options available separately.

Additional information

Cable or Connector Kit

Straight Connector Kit, 90* Connector Kit, Straight 15' Cable, 90* 15' Cable


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