Hyperaktive Dual Axis Accelerometer

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Dual Axis Accelerometer


Hyperaktive’s Dual Axis Accelerometer is used to measure acceleration and lateral G-forces. An accelerometer is critical to ensuring you are getting every last bit of performance out of your combination. Being able to see small hesitations, interruptions, or dips in acceleration G’s will allow you to pinpoint that section of your calibration and make improvements to gain performance.

+/- 5 G range
Sensor should be mounted as near the center of gravity of the vehicle as possible for proper readings.

Proudly made in the USA and housed in a strong billet aluminum housing with LED Status indicator.

Scaling and Wiring Information

Wiring Information:
Red= 12v+
Black= Ground
Yellow= Lateral G Output
Blue= Accel G Output

Scaling Values:
1g= 2.75v

Additional information

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