Haltech NEXUS Universal V8 Terminated Harness

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Terminated harness for use with Haltech NEXUS VCU.


This Terminated Engine Harness connects directly to the Haltech Nexus R5 VCU and supports most popular big block and small block V8 engines from GM, Ford and Chrysler. When used with a Haltech Nexus R5 VCU this harness provides virtually limitless performance and tuning options for your V8-powered vehicle.


Harness Features:

• Haltech Nexus R5 VCU connectors

• Terminated engine bay and in-cabin connections

• Connection to Haltech CAN devices (eg dash displays, keypads, etc.)

• Connection to sensors (eg crank, cam, MAP, temperature, pressure, position, speed, flex fuel)

• Dual Wideband Lambda sensor allocation

• Breakout connection to 8 ignition coils

• Breakout connection to 8 primary injectors,

• 8 secondary injectors and 2 tertiary injectors

• Breakout connection for alternator control

• Starter solenoid control

• Dual boost control solenoid allocation

• Breakout connection for thermofan and fuel pump control

• Breakout connection for transmission control

• Spare inputs and outputs

• Spare high current 8 Amp PDM outputs

• Spare HBO (Half Bridge Output)


Harness Kit Includes:

• Terminated engine harness (HT-186200)

• Pack of DTM/DT connector and pin sets to terminate to sensors, and additional inputs and outputs

• 2 x DTP-2 connectors with pre-crimped 12AWG wires to use for fuel pump and cooling fan.

• 1 x DT-8 connector with pre-crimped 18AWG wires

• Tertiary injector sub-harness (Injector 17/18)

• MSD crank breakout sub-harness

Injector Harness Available Separately.


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