FuelTech FTSPARK-8

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With or Without Harness



The FuelTech FTSPARK is an extremely high energy Capacitive Discharge Ignition (CDI) system designed to meet the highest spark requirements for racing. Developed for high horsepower combinations and tested proven on 5,000+ horsepower engines!

It is compatible with any ECU on the market! It’s able to generate a spark with up to 750mJ (mJ=mili Joules) of energy and is capable of firing the spark with 140 Amps of current in the coil primary. With these features, FTSPARK generates a spark with approximately 5 times more energy and 10 times more current compared to a SparkPRO ensuring a burn in any condition, especially in extremely rich air fuel ratios.


  • Programmable energy via CAN or digital input to adjust the energy level; – 475V in the primary of the coil, which helps to prevent interference in the system;
  • 140A of current in the primary of the coil with Racing CDI FuelTech coil for FTSPARK 750mJ;
  • CAN communication with FuelTech PowerFT ECUs for diagnostic and datalogging;
  • Automotive connector with gold-plated terminals;
  • Serial bus (1 wire) that allows the use of only one ECU output that triggers all ignition outputs (only with PowerFT);
  • Case: Anodized Aluminum and Plastic;
  • Maximum working temperature: approximately 212 F;
  • Supply voltage for full power: 14-26V. Minimum voltage for starting 8V;
  • Maximum operating frequency: 670 Hz;
  • Compatible with other ECUs on the market. Check compatibility of your ECU with our tech support.
  • FTSPARK Dimensions: 4.92 x 6.02 x 1,97 in
  • FTSPARK-8 GEN II 750mJ Weight: 31.74 oz


  • 1 FTSPARK-8
  • 1 operation and installation guide
  • 1 electrical harness for installation (optional)
  • 1 mounting kit (4 rubber mounts, 8 washers and 8 ¼” nuts)

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Harness Option

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