FuelTech FT Injector

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FuelTech injectors were developed to accurately deliver fuel from low to full-load on your engine.

  • REAL flow—all injectors are tested and calibrated to ensure linearity, repeatability, and accuracy.
    The FT Injector has internal components resistant to corrosion, guaranteed by the salinization test carried out on all raw materials used.
  • Reduce the number of injectors, connections and hoses in your engine package.
  • Compatible with any type of fuel (Gasoline, Ethanol, nitromethane, nitropropane, MTBE and ETBE).
  • Tested and proven on 4,000+ horsepower engines.
  • Compatible with any ECU on the market.
  • Best cost benefit Flow x price.
  • FuelTech warranty and support.
  • Low impedance: 1.5 Ohms
  • Voltage limit: up to 24V
  • It is necessary to use an 8A/2A Peak and Hold drivers with these injectors
  • 60mm height


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230 Lb/Hr, 320 Lb/Hr, 520 Lb/Hr, 720 Lb/Hr, 820 Lb/Hr


O-Ring, O-Ring Top / -4 Bottom, O-Ring Top / -6ORB Bottom, -4AN Top / -6ORB Bottom, O-Ring Top / -6ORB 45* Tip Bottom


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