Billet Atomizer Fuel Injectors

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Single Injector or Set of 8 Injectors

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When it comes to fuel injector performance, Billet Atomizer Racing Injectors are the top of the line. From small tire racing to Outlaw Pro Mods that run 270+mph, Billet Atomizer manufactures the highest quality purpose built racing injectors in the industry.

Billet Atomizer Injectors are purpose built pieces that are blueprinted internally to minimize friction, along with the atomization technology (consistent pulse to pulse dosage, smaller droplet size) allows for excellent low pulse width control, which allows the engine to idle at low rpm very smoothly.

Connector = Jetronic / Minitimer (rectangle shaped)
Impedance = Low (1.6 Ohm)
Fuel Pressure Rating = 160-325lb/hr @ 43.5 psi, 500lb/hr & up @ 90psi
Spray Pattern = Wide Atomization

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Single Injector, Set of 8

Flow Rate

160 lb/hr, 225 lb/hr, 235 lb/hr, 245 lb/hr, 275 lb/hr, 325 lb/hr, 500 lb/hr, 550 lb/hr, 575 lb/hr, 600 lb/hr, 650 lb/hr, 700 lb/hr, 750 lb/hr, 800 lb/hr, 850 lb/hr


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