AiM LCU-One Lambda Controller

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LCU-One Lambda Controller


The AIM LCU-One Lambda Controller monitors air/fuel ratios. Connected to a dash display (MXL, MXL2, MXG, Solo DL and MyChron4 and MyChron5 kart) or logger (EVO4), the LCU-One is designed to perfectly tune the carburetion of your engine and maintain it at peak performance. The LCU-One Lambda Controller is supplied with a wide band Bosch LSU 4.9 probe (designed to last for more than 100,000 km on a stock car), and is compatible with petrol (2 and 4 stroke), diesel, methanol engines as well as alcohol based fuel engines.

The LCU-One can detect lambda values from 0.65 to 1.6 (a value lower than 1 means a rich mixture, while a value higher than 1 means a lean mixture), offering you an extremely precise measurement. Through the analysis of the remaining oxygen, LCU-One points out possible oxygen excess/lack in the carburetion, providing essential information for 4 strokes engines as well as 2 stroke engines: configurability of Stoichiometric ratio allows LCU-One to be used on petrol powered engines as well as on diesel or on alternative fuel (bio fuel, ethanol).

Using CAN bus connection the LCU-One is easy to install, whilst multiple units can be connected for better engine control (one probe for each engine bank or even one probe for each engine cylinder).

The product configures Stoichiometric point and provides:

  • Lambda value and Air/Fuel ratio
  • Lambda probe temperature and diagnosis


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