Aeromotive Pro Series Fuel Pump

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Pro Series Fuel Pump


Designed for crazy horsepower, it’s hard to find a more powerful, higher flowing, in-line fuel pump anywhere. Engineered for high-horsepower racing engines, this beautiful pump features Aeromotive’s innovative ‘dual chamber’ pump design.

  • ORB-12 inlet and outlet ports
  • Beautifully plated with our electroless nickel process
  • Two ORB-12 / AN-12 Male adapter fittings included
  • For EFI use regulator Aeromotive P/N 13110, carbureted P/N 13202 or P/N 13212
  • Perfect for ‘blow-through’ carbureted engines up to 2000 HP
  • Fully submersible for custom, in-tank placement

Fuel injected engines:

  • Up to 2200 HP – naturally aspirated
  • Up to 1700 HP – forced air induction

Carbureted engines:

  • Up to 2600 HP – naturally aspirated
  • Up to 2000 HP – forced air induction



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