Aeromotive 325 Stealth Fuel Pump

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Stealth 325 Fuel Pump


The new Aeromotive 325 Stealth Fuel Pump is similar to the popular 340 Stealth Pumps, the 325 is a compact body design, high-output, in-tank fuel pump that fits many popular late model EFI applications.


  • Now E85 Compatible
  • Compact 65mm body for OE fitment
  • Fits a wide range of vehicles where popular aftermarket pumps are applicable
  • Flows 325 lph @ 40 psi
  • Internal check valve
  • Quiet, durable and reliable turbine impeller
  • Designed for in-tank use only
  • Can be used with carbureted or EFI applications
  • Can be used in pulse modulated applications
  • Specs: Fuel Injected Engines up to 800 HP – naturally aspirated up to 700 HP – forced air induction


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