Racepak UDX Display Dash

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UDX Display Dash


The UDX display dash is designed to be used as an add on instrument for V-series recorders. It will display any function that is being monitored by the recorder to which it is attached.

UDX dashes are capable of displaying up to 21 different functions. There are five numeric displays, plus the engine RPM sweep bar, on each of the four screen ‘pages’. Scrolling from one page to the next is accomplished with the push of a button. The 7.25” x 2.62” LCD screen is backlit for night time operation. Each dash has output for a shift light, and shift point programming is done right on the screen. Warning lights are located on each side of the display screen. You have the ability to assign these high or low threshold alarms to your choice of monitored functions. The buttons at the bottom of the panel are used to scroll through the screen pages as well as to activate various functions. Additional sensors can be added by using the popular individual V-Net sensor and modules.

  • 4 Screens
  • 20 Programmable Displays Plug-n-Play Installation Warning Lights
  • Function Buttons Command Center for a Shift Light Adjustable Lighting for Night Time Use


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