FuelTech PRO500 V8 Complete Harness

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PRO500 V8 Harness


The PRO500 V8 is a harness designed for systems with 8 injectors, distributor and dual channel WB-O2 Nanos with Bosch LSU 4.2 sensors to run sequential, semi-sequential or multipoint fuel injection. This harness also allows running COP coils (sequential or wasted spark ignition) or PRO-Nitrous setup through the outputs connector, which has 8 generic purpose outputs.

Harness is setup for the following

  • 8 injectors, EV1 style
  • 2 FuelTech Peak and Hold external drivers
  • Dual FuelTech WB-Nano O2
  • GM Style intake air temperature sensor
  • GM Style engine temperature sensor
  • 3 pressure sensors (fuel, oil, back pressure/another 0-5V sensor)
  • High output relays
  • Extra connector with 4 inputs and 4 outputs for generic use
  • Firewall connector for easy harness connection in engine bay


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PRO500 V8 Complete Harness Manual Click Here