Haltech Elite VMS & VMS T Semi-Terminated Harness

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Elite VMS & VMS T Semi Terminated Harness, 8′ length

LENGTH: 2.5m (8′)
SUITS: Haltech Elite VMS and VMS T. Available in both Chevy/Hemi or Ford orientations
INCLUDES: Haltech Elite VMS/VMS T Semi-Terminated Harness


Replacement harness for Elite VMS, and Elite VMS-T ECU and Harness Kits. Suits naturally aspirated, force-fed carburetor, or mechanically-injected applications. From street cruiser to blown alcohol promod. It comes with color coded and labelled wires that match the detailed wiring diagram for a confusion-free construction process.

The wiring diagram is accompanied by the full ECU manual and software located on a CD or USB key provided with the ECU to refer to while completing your installation and configuration.

Harness Features

This semi-terminated harness is MSD style crank sensor ready and easily connects to distributor, MSD or Promag ignition harness. Also connects directly to Haltech’s high output V8 coil-on-plug ignition harnesses which utilize high output IGN1A coils.


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